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The main reason we created this resource page for you is because a ton of people struggle with growing, monetizing and establishing authority with their accounts. So instead of charging for each video we create, we thought why not be for the people and make them all free.

Growing Your Account

Possibly the biggest struggle when it comes to X. Followers. How do you get them? How do you keep them? Are you getting the right people to follow you?

Generating Leads

You see all these other big accounts in the space making thousands of dollars every single month but you can't quite wrap your head around it

Developing Authority

The most important aspect of building your personal brand. If you don't have an authority, you can't stand out. If you can't stand out, you don't progress

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Content Creation

  • Crafting Compelling Tweets: Learn the secrets to creating tweets that not only capture attention but also drive engagement and growth.

  • Multimedia Mastery: Understand the power of visuals, videos, and GIFs in amplifying your content's reach.

  • Consistent & Authentic Voice: Discover how to maintain your unique voice while posting regularly, ensuring authenticity and resonance with your audience.

Offer Creation

  • Twitter-Optimized Offers: Design offers specifically for the Twitter audience, understanding their unique needs and desires.

  • High Conversion Techniques: Master the art of creating compelling offers that drive clicks, conversions, and sales.

  • Testing & Iteration: Learn methods to test different offers, refine based on feedback, and achieve optimal results.

Engaging correctly

  • Authentic Engagement: Dive into strategies for meaningful interactions that help build lasting relationships.

  • Engagement Boosters: Tactics to increase comments, retweets, and likes, thus amplifying your content's reach.

  • Handling Negative Feedback: Gracefully manage criticism and transform it into growth opportunities.

Content Strats

  • Planning for Growth: Understand the roadmap for content that aligns with your goals and grows your follower base.

  • Content Calendar Creation: Organize and plan your content ahead of time for consistent posting.

  • Evergreen vs. Trending: Balancing timeless content with trending topics for optimal reach.

Lead Generation

  • X as a Funnel: Learn how to use Twitter as a powerful lead generation tool, converting followers into subscribers or customers.

  • Optimized Lead Magnets: Create irresistible incentives that make followers eager to sign up or purchase.

  • Analyzing & Refining: Understand key metrics and iterate for continual lead growth.

Custom Funnels

  • Tailored X Funnels: Design funnels specifically for your Twitter audience, guiding them smoothly from awareness to conversion.

  • Integration with Other Platforms: Seamlessly link your X activities with email, websites, and other digital touchpoints.

  • Conversion Boosting Techniques: Implement strategies to increase funnel efficiency and conversion rates.

Establishing Authority

  • Thought Leadership: Position yourself as a go-to expert in your niche or industry on Twitter.

  • Curating & Sharing Quality Content: Boost credibility by sharing top-notch resources and insights.

  • Networking with Influencers: Techniques to connect and collaborate with key figures in your domain.

Creating Assets

  • Landing Page Essentials: Dive into the fundamentals of creating high-converting landing pages that captivate and convert Twitter traffic effectively.

  • Lead Magnet Design: Learn how to craft compelling and valuable incentives, from eBooks to webinars, that entice followers to give their email or take a desired action.

  • Integration & Automation: Seamlessly connect your X-driven assets with email marketing tools, CRMs, and other platforms, ensuring smooth user experiences and efficient lead management.

Mastering Positioning

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Clearly define what sets you apart from others in the Twitter landscape.

  • Target Audience Alignment: Ensure your content, voice, and strategies are in sync with your desired audience.

  • Brand Consistency: Maintain a uniform brand image and voice across all your tweets and interactions, strengthening your position.

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About Us


I joined X as a broke university student looking to make a quick buck. Soon after I learned that I was extremely proficient in brand building.
What started as a small venture to clear my debt turned into a quarter million followers and multiple 6 figures. A broke student turned expert brand builder developing authority through the use of personal branding.


I went from owning a million-follower Instagram network to building DTC brands, marketing agencies, and SaaS to multi 7 figures. I took all this experience and decided to build a personal brand on Twitter. 125,000 followers and multi-millions later, it was the greatest decision of my life.
I've been able to help the top personal brands and agency owners master the art of becoming an authority and generating leads ORGANICALLY. And I am now here to help you.

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